Time In A Fusion Splicers Department Makes My Dreams Come True

13 August 2013
 Categories: Technology, Blog

My whole life I have enjoyed working with electronics, tech equipment, and robotics. When I was seven years old my parents bought me my first robotics set that I played with for hours and hours. Ever since I was a young boy I also loved taking apart appliances and figuring out they worked and then putting them back together. To foster my love of electronics and robotics, my parents also bought me every technological gadget out there. After high school I was accepted to MIT and studied electrical engineering with a minor in robotics. After breezing through those four years of college I then went on to work at a very prestigious tech designing and manufacturing company. For several years I worked in a fusion splicers department. In that department, my job was to take already existing fusion splicers and make them smaller, more efficient, faster, and safer. It was an amazing job. To most people learning how to join two fiber optics with a minimal amount of reflection or scattering seems like a tedious job, but for me it was a dream come true. The best part about the job was that they were paying a ton of money to play with gadgets. Life can't get better than that. Because my work the fusion splicers department was remarkable and cutting edge, my company recently moved me onto other projects and even offered to pay me to go and get my masters and doctorate degrees. I guess they want to see if I can do what I did for their fusion splicers on the other products and gadgets that they have. Only time will tell what I can do!