Seeking Iphone Repair In NYC

15 August 2013
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Having kids can be really challenging, especially when it involves all of your things being broken. I don't know if my kids are just really destructive or what, but basically, everything in our home gets ruined somehow. A few days ago, something got ruined that made me pretty upset. My youngest daughter picked up my iPhone and threw it across the room onto tile. It was a good throw and everything, but I was pretty upset about losing my six hundred dollar phone. Read More 

Time In A Fusion Splicers Department Makes My Dreams Come True

13 August 2013
 Categories: Technology, Blog

My whole life I have enjoyed working with electronics, tech equipment, and robotics. When I was seven years old my parents bought me my first robotics set that I played with for hours and hours. Ever since I was a young boy I also loved taking apart appliances and figuring out they worked and then putting them back together. To foster my love of electronics and robotics, my parents also bought me every technological gadget out there. Read More