Seeking Iphone Repair In NYC

15 August 2013
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Having kids can be really challenging, especially when it involves all of your things being broken. I don't know if my kids are just really destructive or what, but basically, everything in our home gets ruined somehow. A few days ago, something got ruined that made me pretty upset. My youngest daughter picked up my iPhone and threw it across the room onto tile. It was a good throw and everything, but I was pretty upset about losing my six hundred dollar phone. I was about to cry, but my wife mentioned that there was help. She told me about a place that offered iPhone repair in NYC. She called the place that did iPhone repair in NYC, and they told me that I could bring my phone in right away. It was really amazing how nice the people at the phone place were, and they made me feel a lot better about having a broken phone. They told me that they were able to fix most problems and that I shouldn't worry too much. A few hours later, they called me and told me that my phone was all fixed. It saved me a ton of money and I was really glad that I hadn't just gone out and replaced it.