What An SD-WAN Is And What It Can Do For Your Company On A Global Scale

26 December 2019
 Categories: Technology, Blog

SD-WAN solutions provide a unique internet service to very large companies. Smaller companies could use an SD-WAN too, but only if these companies have more than one location and it makes sense to connect on this level. If you have never heard of an SW-WAN, here is more about this internet service and what it can do for your company on a global scale. 


SD-WAN is an acronym that stands for software-defined networking in a wide area network. Instead of dozens of modems and other hardware equipment for internet connections, you use only software to make the connections. The internet is then a casting a wide "net" among the users within your own company. Every computer or computing device that is using the same internet software in your company, regardless of location, is connected and remains connected unless an employee leaves the company or is fired. 

The overhead cost for this type of internet service is significantly less than traditional internet service and equipment because it requires less maintenance and virtually zero equipment. Better still, all connections are virtual and therefore are protected by your firewall, your IT cyber security, and cyber security protocols and are more difficult to hack. Many major corporations are in the process of switching over to SD-WANs of their own or have already made the switch. 

What an SD-WAN Can Do for Your Company on a Global Scale

Imagine that you have a company location in Shanghai, one in Germany, one in New York, and your home base of operations (wherever that may be). By using an SD-WAN, you can very efficiently and very effectively connect to ALL company locations without having to worry about connectivity issues with internet equipment that does not interface well with foreign internet equipment. Instead, everything very smoothly connects, and no extra equipment is needed to translate and transmit internet signals to foreign soil.

Proprietary information is also protected in the process, meaning that there are no "chinks in the armor" through which hackers can find a proverbial hole (i.e., a way into your virtual servers) and steal information. Hackers relying on physical equipment for their hacks are at a loss. If you need to communicate anything to any other location within the company, you can do it confidently and without concern for many of the issues you might otherwise experience with traditional internet equipment. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers SD-WAN solutions.