Signing Up For Internet Service? Make Sure You Understand The Contract

3 January 2020
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Are you signing up for internet service with a new provider? If so, you'll likely be signing a contract in order to have the service set up in your home. Here are some things you'll want to understand before you sign the contract. 

Is The Price Locked? 

The first thing you'll find to find out is if the price is guaranteed to remain the same during the course of the contract. If you are signing up for a year or two of service, you'll want it in writing that they cannot raise the rates of the service when you are unable to cancel. This not only includes the internet package but any equipment that you are renting as well. If they can raise the rates, find out if this ends any existing agreement and if you are free to switch to another provider.

Is There A Bandwidth Limitation?

It is becoming more common for internet access providers to have some sort of bandwidth restrictions during each billing cycle. It may be as simple as having a limit of 1TB of data transfers, which includes a combination of uploading and downloading. Make sure you understand what happens if you go over those bandwidth limits. Will you be charged for additional data use? Is it possible for your service to be terminated? Don't wait to figure this out until after you go over your monthly data limit.

What Is The Early Termination Fee?

If you have a contract, there is likely an early termination fee that goes with it. However, there may be a way to get out of paying that fee in some circumstances. For example, if you are moving to an address where the internet service provider does not have service, the fee may be waived. You should also find out if moving addresses will be considered as having the same account or canceling service and restarting it under a new account. Get to the bottom of what is considered grounds for being charged an early termination fee so that you can avoid it if possible. 

What Is The Guaranteed Speed?

When you buy an internet package, the main differences between the packages are transfer speeds. You'll want to know what those minimum guaranteed speeds are so that you can hold your ISP accountable. If you are not getting those speeds, it is likely that you can call customer service and get a credit toward your monthly bill for those days of inadequate service.