Special Considerations For Different Types Of Data Center Moves

3 February 2020
 Categories: Technology, Blog

A data center move means that you can move your company's data center to one of three other locations. Each different location brings with it some special considerations. The types and locations of moves and the special considerations you should think about are as follows.

On The Property, But Out Of The Building

Placing a data center in its own building structure on the property keeps the data center close. However, it does mean that you will have to figure out how to house the data center and where to place the structure that will house it. If it is a small, secure shed or a very small building on the property, then you may have to sacrifice some of the parking lot for employees, or the outdoor smoking area for smokers. Something will have to be sacrificed to build the housing needed to relocate the data center on company property. 

Co-Location Areas Elsewhere

Think of this as "outsourcing a data center location." That is essentially what you are doing, really. All of your company's data is moved into a data center housed in a warehouse somewhere within your city. The provider does allow you to know where the data center location is and that your company's data is co-located with dozens of other companies' data centers. If you are in any way uncomfortable with a co-location move, you should know that these places are extremely secure and very safe. They are monitored around the clock. The only special consideration is that you might find it difficult to repair bugs in your company's tech system involving the data center from a remote location. 

Hybrid Data Center Moves

A hybrid data center is one that is partially and physically present while the other part of it is in the cloud. A large portion of company data is moved into cloud storage, either because you want stronger security measures for it or because there is simply too much data for any one physical data center on your property to store. 

The special considerations here are:

  • How much data are you going to move to the cloud as part of your hybridization?
  • Are you going to keep the physical data center on-site, or move it off-site? 
  • What will these choices entail for moving your data center this way and that?

Now you can make a choice and begin moving ahead with your data center move.