What Makes A Smart Home So Darned Smart?

7 May 2020
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Whether online or in-person, looking at the stuff sold at a smart home store may have you wondering what's so special about these things. Let's take a look at what makes smart home products so smart and why you'll want them at your place.


Smart home systems have been around for decades, and the technologies they employ have become very mature. In no area is this truer than integration. Older systems merely acted as timers and switches for things like lights and thermostats. Modern ones, however, connect almost everything you own.

Just about everything on the market today includes integration with mobile devices like phones and tablets. There's usually an installable app that will allow you to do things like turn off the kitchen light you accidentally left on by just pressing an on-screen button. Security systems are also frequently integrated with smart home products, and many now even offer options that allow you to connect to your home from your car's built-in voice assistant. Numerous products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home can be integrated, too.


Newer products are also being designed to maximize efficiency. For example, you can set the thermostat to stay low while you're away from home for several hours. When the system detects that your car is 15 minutes away, however, it can then raise the temperature. You save money on your heating bills without sacrificing any expectation of comfort. Similar solutions are available for use with lighting setups and A/C units.

Ease of Use

Integration with modern technologies makes it very easy for everyone to use their smart homes. The interfaces are highly intuitive, and many are also voice-activated. With a few swipes of your finger or a spoken command, you can rapidly set the lighting levels and heat in multiple rooms.


As your smart home operates, it also collects a lot of interesting data. You can use this information to identify times of the day when utility bills are highest, allowing you to make adjustments to your lifestyle.

Security and Access

Many customers choose to set the locks and security systems in their homes up with the larger smart house ecosystem. This allows you to use the security system to provide or deny access to others. You don't have to give your next-door neighbor a key anymore so they can come by and feed your cat. Simply use the system to let them in, and then you can even lock up after they've left.