5 Features A Touch Screen Cash Register System Should Have

14 July 2020
 Categories: Technology, Blog

If you're looking for a touch screen cash register, you're going to find plenty of options on the market. Narrowing your search down is simple because you can focus on choosing setups with the features you'll need the most. Let's look at 5 features your business is likely to require.

Inventory Control

One of the biggest benefits of using a highly interactive system is the ability to immediately pull items out of the inventory database as they're sold. Likewise, items can be moved into the database as they're acquired and scanned in. Most setups have back-end servers that will provide support for inventory control systems and plenty more features.

Customer-Facing Terminals

Not everyone needs this feature, but many folks can benefit from it. For example, a fast-food restaurant can use touch screen terminals to allow customers to enter their orders. A printer will kick out a receipt that can be presented to a cashier. This approach will allow a restaurant to assign more staff to tasks like preparing food and cleaning. Cashiers will simply ring up and deliver orders rather than taking them, allowing a business to serve more customers at once.

Export Functions

Sending receipts for the day to your core accounting software is important at most businesses. It's important to have a touch screen cash register system that will be able to export your receipts for each day in a format that's supported. Also, the system should tag the sales as exported so you know what has and hasn't been moved. Better yet, direct database compatibility will make it possible for the accounting and sales systems to talk with each other on the fly.


A great feature to have is the ability to put your brand on every customer-facing item. If you're using customer terminals, you'll definitely want each screen to be consistent with your brand. Similarly, all receipts and slips should include logos, slogans, your website address, and your social media feeds.

Offers and Rewards

The ability to provide offers and rewards is a wonderful way to promote customer loyalty. You can print these on receipts, and they also can be integrated across other platforms, such as apps and websites.

It's important, however, that your system will allow you to easily accept offers. Customers don't respond well when offers and rewards are difficult to redeem. The best system should do the job automatically, with little to no intervention from the cashier or customer.